Good Effort Guys!




The Nets played the Clippers on November 16th. The Clippers at full strength as a title contending team. Brooklyn though …not so much, Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez all sat out with injuries. Was it an easy game for the Clips? No there backups came and played a tough game. Mason Plumlee, Mirza Teletovic and Tyshawn Taylor all came and provided for the Nets. A.Blatche had 19 points and 8 rebounds who is also a backup. unfortunately they ended up losing 110 to 103.


The Potential Starting 5 All-Star Lineup







Photo: Sports Illustrated

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Up to 450 players in the NBA. 120 are selected for the All-Star Ballot. And with this years all star ballot the Brooklyn Nets starting five are in the ballot. Deron Williams for point guard, Joe Johnson for shooting guard, Paul Pierce for small forward, Kevin Garnett for power forward and Brook Lopez for Center. Only Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez made the all star team last year. In my opinion with the way their playing I don’t think any of them are going to make it.


You can now vote for the all star rosters.You can vote using, the NBA Gametime app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via text message.

Sleeved Jersey’s



With a recently leaked image from sports illustrated are weird looking jerseys. Being adidas jerseys, they put it on their website also. This is rumored to be the Christmas day jerseys these teams wear during the games, as basketball is popular during the holidays. The new style of jerseys would only put the logo on the front unless the name is apart of the logo, the player’s number on the left sleeve and the name on the back. People are saying this is way better than the 2012 Christmas day jerseys, even though both designs are ugly. The NBA considers this safer but not boring, and benefit towards the public being more modern. So are you gonna watch basketball Christmas day, if so below is the list of games.

Bulls at Nets (12 p.m. ET)

Thunder at Knicks (2:30 p.m. ET)

Heat at Lakers (5 p.m. ET)

Rockets at Spurs (8 p.m. ET)

Clippers at Warriors (10:30 p.m. ET)


Photo:Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

Photo:Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images


With an expected breakout season for the Brooklyn Nets, acquiring players and a new coach. The Nets are not living up to standards. Being last place in the Eastern Conference, even ranking below teams like the 76er’s, Cavaliers and Charlotte who were expected to do horrible.I don’t know what to say about this. Here are the rankings for the Eastern Conference.


Indiana1 7  
Philadelphia2 4  
Miami3 4
Atlanta4 3
Charlotte5 3
Toronto6 3
Boston7 3
Orlando8 3
Cleveland 3
Milwaukee 2
Detroit 2
Chicago 2
Washington 2
Brooklyn 2
New York 2


The first number represents the place of conference. Second number represents wins. Teams with only one number represents wins.

Washington,Brooklyn and New York are tied for last place.

Stats from



The NBA updated their official rules during the summer before the season started. It took effect at the beginning of the preseason and it will carry on in the regular season and the playoffs. And the new rule is delay of game….after the ball is touched after a successful basket made by the same team. If it happens the first time a warning is given out, then after that technical fouls are handed out every time it happens. Is this a necessary rule, to  me it doesn’t really delay the game. It just gives a reason to call more fouls. But in the end the players have to adapt to it.



Dragging Behind




It seems the Brooklyn Nets are dragging behind and having a rough start. Being ranked number 15 in the power rankings and not living up to expectations. The first game of the season they lost against a lottery team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. And even though they won against the Miami Heat, they lost against the Orlando Magic. Starting the season (1-2) and not looking good. Their could be multiple reasons for this, is it the coach, players being injured or the starters not getting enough minutes. Hopefully the can bounce back and finish the season with a winning record.

Forever Young, Again?


An NBA champion with two olympic gold medals. Jason Kidd is a future hall of famer with such credentials as being a 10 time NBA All-Star, Co-Rookie of the year, All Rookie first team, and 6 time All NBA First and Second Team. After playing 21 seasons with multiple teams, he is now a coach for the Brooklyn Nets. NBA Analysts are saying this is one of the reasons why their not going to win a championship this year, because he is an inexperienced coach. Jason Kidd has built relationships with almost all the players on the team playing with them and against them. He is also being helped by a veteran assistant coach. While Jason is an old player he is a young coach, being forever young. Can the Brooklyn Nets go all the way with Jason Kidd as the coach?